Big Bang
Tourbillon Full Carbon

A glorious showcase of the finest details to introduce the Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon, a masterful fusion of lightweight resilience by Hublot.

In this new chapter of our collaboration with Hublot, we embraced the challenge to develop a visual language celebrating this smooth blend of watchmaking tradition and design modernity.

This limited edition watch has been the perfect chance to focus on the material’s extraordinary performances and qualities deeply, conveyed through icy cold, monochromatic, and striking imagery. The film, realized in early 2023, is an elegant parade of black-and-white beauty shots, minimalistic lab settings, and impactful aesthetics.


Flashy reflections, together with a strong use of contrast inside the images are the trademarks of this sophisticated shot carousel. The edit alternates slow-paced sequences, which will give breathing space and the opportunity to admire the details of the product, with more dynamic scenes to obtain much more engaging storytelling.

Besides the prestigious mechanism, a micro-rotor tourbillon crafted in-house at Hublot, carbon fiber and Texalium (a mix of materials that incorporates a fiberglass core for impact resistance and a pure 99.99% aluminum top layer for scratch resistance) are the real actors coming into play in the film, where both robustness and feather-lightness are meticulously romanced layer after layer, and frame after frame.

The strap, as well as the other handcrafted pieces of the watch, plays a relevant role in the narration: it is not merely an accessory but a feat of engineering, light, and ergonomically comfortable. Its links are individually machined to allow for design extreme precision. The profound care of the tiniest details inside the frames is a flawless metaphor to convey the manifacture level of this timepiece.

Carbon and Texalium in their hyper-detailed glory.

The ideal stage of the film is a clever combination of flat backdrops and gradients, along with minimalistic metallic structures, shaping an abstract lab environment as a metaphor for the top-of-the-line performances of this product.


From thread to woven layers: the epic journey of a fiber.

The concept behind the first RnD stages was to leverage the idea of a choreographic stress-test, where the watch was creatively tested, assembled, and scenographically analyzed.

Fire, ice, water, and humidity, shaped into abstract graphic patterns and interacting with the product, aimed to create an interesting dialogue between pure beauty shots and more evocative concepts, conveying the idea of technical excellence, heat and weather resistance, resilience, and lightness.

The watch’s structure utilizes the same materials used in aeronautics, transport, and aerospatial industry.

During the production route, the storyline was slightly adjusted, pulling the focus on the herringbone pattern and the layered structure of the finished materials. This very recognizable graphic mark, together with the idea of staging the fiber knitting process, became one of the most characterizing moments in the film.

Even the tiniest piece matters.

We believe that the maniacal attention to the minutest details in the film could be the best way to communicate the same values driving the crafting of this remarkable product, a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity.



Creative Director
Salvatore Giunta

Design & Development
Marco Serracca
Claudio Gasparollo
Matteo Nicoli
Mantas Bardauskas
Alessandro Nobile
Aaron Smith
Christian Cabiddu
Davide Rubini
Maria Grazia Di Giovannantonio
Pol Escarrer

Noemi Bugli

Chris Banks


Creative Director
Alexandre Bertrand

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