Tourbillon SR_A

A majestic-paced parade of product-focused shots outlines the comfort and lightness of the renewed Hublot Tourbillon SR_A, a timepiece by the polymathic creative Samuel Ross.

After the initial release of his renowned model, the result of a 3-year engineering collaboration with the Swiss company, akin to working with organic materials, Ross’s design remains in a continuous state of evolution. He refines his original watch, transforming its case into a sleek grey monochrome ensemble that can be accessorized with three differently colored rubber straps.

Our collaboration is instrumental in leveraging this significant legacy to emphasize the new aspects of the product, paying particular attention to conveying improved comfort and lightness as the primary features of the revised timepiece.


Since the SR_A watch model unquestionably steals the spotlight in the film, its recognizable design features—materials, finishings, grids, and mechanism—take center stage in a majestic display of beauty scenes. The watch case contrasts against the backgrounds, shifting from cold neutral backdrops to elegant industrial structures, and from flat dark shadows to radiant brightness, all achieved through the minimalistic and incisive use of lighting.

In our visual narrative, the concept of comfort emerges as a central theme, with the bent strap taking on the role of the main actor.

Through a series of meticulously crafted shots, the strap, with its supple curves and gentle folds, becomes a symbol of ease, elasticity, and contentment. Each frame highlights the strap’s flexibility and resilience, conveying a sense of embracing comfort.

We leverage the renowned tourbillon mechanism and other internal components of the watch to craft animations that convey a sense of lightness. Additionally, hexagonal structures, reminiscent of the watch’s design, feature throughout the film, appearing in various scenes to showcase the watch from different perspectives. These structures, made of metal but designed to be slim, impart a feeling of weightlessness, reflecting one of the key characteristics of the product.

Where green ignites metal, and blur triggers a sense of motion, there is a stylish twist to inject personality into every frame.

We’ve explored several visual routes to carve a distinct and memorable aesthetic for this film. Vivid bursts of green punctuate select areas of the watch, heightening its metallic allure. At the same time, a sleek motion blur effect glides through, amplifying the sensation of movement and accentuating the essence of weightlessness. These daring visual strokes promise to captivate with their boldness and leave a lasting impact with their simplicity.


From an R&D standpoint, we participated in the construction of a material ecosystem, a complex mix of shiny metal, soft rubber, and sapphire glass.

The hexagonal pattern is one of the main design features of the watch, a stylistic signature that makes it recognizable and unique. The pattern is used as a matrix to generate shapes and animations: it is both a mold to interestingly create abstract scene assets and a genesis element for some of the watch components (the mechanism, the strap, the case).

Ode to the hexagon: more than a shape, a stylistic signature.

From an R&D stand point, we spent a significant amount of energy working on this powerful element: we were not aiming for the traditional neat geometric shape, but for a much more organic revised transformation of the six-sided icon.

Frame after frame we participated in the construction of a material cosmology, a complex blend of bright metal, comfortable rubber, and pure sapphire glass creating nested structures both at a micro and macro level. The so-molded forms gradually became something bigger and bolder, yet in direct dialogue with the intimate nature of the watch.

A sleek motion blur effect glides through, amplifying the sensation of movement and accentuating the essence of weightlessness.



Creative Director
Salvatore Giunta

Design & Development
Mantas Bardauskas
Alessandro Nobile
Claudio Gasparollo
Matteo Nicoli
Marco Serracca
Davide Rubini
Maria Grazia Di Giovannantonio
Alessandra Sartori
Ariel Lu

Irene Costantini

Chris Banks
Tom Andrews


Creative Director
Alexandre Bertrand

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