H-3 Table Lamp

Turn the lights on. It’s time to celebrate H-3, the charming table lamp designed by Studio SFSO.

The storyline of this video romances the fictional production process behind the H-3 lamp.
Its components are shown gradually, from every single angle, stealing the spotlight shot after shot:

the typical building H-beam module, the various screws and the top bulb case, as well as the metal dust generated by the H-beam cutting, along with hooks, steel wires, and constructions carrying the different lamp parts. The settings are aseptically neutral and essential the colors being grey, orange, and green to fully match the product design pattern.


The shot arrangement plays a big role in channeling the industrial & essential mood of the product. Lamps and building structures are part of elemental and bold compositions, defined by diagonal lines cutting each frame and giving a sense of steadiness throughout the film.

As a small and black element breaking the continuity of the H-beams linear structures, the screw is one of the protagonists across the various shots: sometimes it is portrayed as a single entity, sometimes as part of more complex clusters defining hypnotical movements and choreographies.

Orange and green become vibrant accents for some rim lights, giving life and color to grey and black metal elements, both reminding of the precise hues of the lamp and allowing for a more harmonic chromatic balance between the parts.

Orange, green, grey, and black: when it comes to colors, less is more.

The editing pace is calm and linear.
Together with Smider, we chose to mitigate against the cold and somehow aseptic aesthetics of the film through an original soundtrack with a warm and intimate vibe.

The lyrics, inspired by the concepts of light and shadow, as well as the music were written and composed in the studio and later interpreted by a female vocalist. The result is a smooth, calm and seamless blend between words, music, and images.

‘I don’t feel like myself when you cast your shadow on me.’

Design Process

The lamp, as well as the top bulb case alone, serve as modules to create broader structures with different levels of complexity inspired by the building construction systems.

Some of the early explorations were set in dark environments where some parts of the product itself were revealed by a play of light and shadow.
But we soon noticed some incongruity between the dark settings and the H-3 lamp aesthetics so this route was abandoned.

The production process, or at least our stylized vision on this important phase, was the source of inspiration for a large array of frames: the birth of the H-beam, carved from a single metal block, as well as the iron dust produced when cutting the same matter, are used to create organic shapes and moving patterns.

A wide variety of shots, only two materials: metal and concrete.

Concrete is the most common material used in construction: shaped into bricks of different sizes and designs, it’s the perfect support for the H-3 lamp as well as a fascinating texture added to the mix.



Creative Director
Salvatore Giunta

Design & Development
Mantas Bardauskas
Matteo Nicoli
Claudio Gasparollo
Martin Vokaty
Christian Cabiddu
Francesco Giugliano

Noemi Bugli



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