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Tourbillon SR_A
After the initial release of his renowned model, the result of a 3-year engineering collaboration with the Swiss company, akin to working with organic materials, Ross’s design remains in a continuous state of evolution. He refines his original watch, transforming its case into a sleek grey monochrome ensemble that can be accessorized with three differently colored rubber straps.
Our collaboration is instrumental in leveraging this significant legacy to emphasize the new aspects of the product, paying particular attention to conveying improved comfort and lightness as the primary features of the revised timepiece.
LeBron 19
Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon
Big Bang Meca-10
MTV Xmas Party
H-3 Table Lamp
The storyline of this video romances the fictional production process behind the H-3 lamp.
Its components are shown gradually, from every single angle, stealing the spotlight shot after shot:
the typical building H-beam module, the various screws and the top bulb case, as well as the metal dust generated by the H-beam cutting, along with hooks, steel wires, and constructions carrying the different lamp parts. The settings are aseptically neutral and essential the colors being grey, orange, and green to fully match the product design pattern.
Kit Kat
Nutrient Blends
The focus of the campaign was to romance the pure and natural ingredients blended into the diverse formulas of this Pantene product range: from rose water to jojoba, from bamboo to castor oil and biotin, each one with a clear personality and specific beneficial features.
Our challenge was to shape the world around each ingredient, picturing a brand new colorful journey, carefully condensed into a TVC.
Digital Design Days
Brand Image
Say no to uncool wool
Shisha & Dokha
The project was commissioned by the NYC-based agency &Reale on behalf of Malaki, a brand that manufactures tobacco and electronic smoking devices.
Both videos hinge on the diamond shaped logo of the brand. That very shape serves as a fil rouge throughout the various shots, narrating an alchemic exploration of light and darkness, smoke and mirrors delving into one of the most ancient rituals of mankind: smoking.
Riccardo Tisci
Medusa Film
Logo Animation
Emporio Armani
Watches & Jewelry Collection
The composition components of each shot are in fact inspired by the details of the products themselves: there’s an immediate visual reference for some and a more abstract approach for others.
We tried to stay true to the shapes and textures of the very jewels of this collection and at the same time highlight their design and aesthetics.
MTV Awards 2016
Jungle Collection
Channel Idents