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Big Bang Meca-10
MTV Xmas Party
H-3 Table Lamp
The storyline of this video romances the fictional production process behind the H-3 lamp.
Its components are shown gradually, from every single angle, stealing the spotlight shot after shot:
the typical building H-beam module, the various screws and the top bulb case, as well as the metal dust generated by the H-beam cutting, along with hooks, steel wires, and constructions carrying the different lamp parts. The settings are aseptically neutral and essential the colors being grey, orange, and green to fully match the product design pattern.
Kit Kat
Nutrient Blends
Digital Design Days
Brand Image
The Hydraink team reached out with just an idea of a product that was still being developed by their Korean tech team. We took care of the rest.
Not only we creatively directed and produced their brand content. We developed its identity in its entirety, addressing the client’s demand for a wide range of communication assets.
Say no to uncool wool
Shisha & Dokha
Riccardo Tisci
We were tasked with reworking some elements of contemporary pop culture to reinterpret the AF1, to mark the undeniable bond between sports and the high-end street style of Riccardo Tisci.
These visual reproductions were featured in “We believe in the power of love” a short movie shot by Luca Finotti for the Dunk Lux campaign.
Medusa Film
Logo Animation
Emporio Armani
Watches & Jewelry Collection
MTV Awards 2016
MTV Italy approached us to develop a visual concept that could adapt to a full on/off air campaign as well as translate into digital content for the MTV Awards which took place in June 2016 in Florence.
The perpetual motion machines are depicted here through a selection of abstract bodies of different shapes, incessantly in action.
Jungle Collection
This commercial was commissioned by Fendi and produced in collaboration with Withstand Film, to promote the new Fendi Jungle eyewear collection.
The client’s demand was for us to imagine a jungle-inspired environment around their eyewear. So we took up the challenge and came up with the original concept of a revisited luxurious jungle.
Channel Idents